Sanchez Arango Construction.
                  Reputation built on performance.
Miami-based Sanchez Arango Construction was founded in 1995 as a full-service commercial and residential construction and landscaping company. In 1999, the firm diversified into outdoor media construction and maintenance, with projects throughout Florida. Today Sanchez Arango is Florida’s largest supplier of construction, installation and maintenance services for the full range of outdoor media, as well as municipal and transportation-related landscaping and hardscapes.
Municipalities and Fortune 500 companies rely on their experienced professionals, many of whom have been with Sanchez Arango since inception, to do everything from pulling permits through performing pre- and post-hurricane maintenance and clean-up.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Comprehensive in-house safety program.
  • Certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) in Miami-Dade County
  • Licenses: General Contractor, State of Florida
  • Commercial Landscape Maintenance, Miami-Dade County
Rouget Sanchez, President
Born and raised in Miami, Rouget Sanchez earned a degree in Construction Management from Florida International University. In 1995 he was certified as a General Contractor by the State of Florida, and he holds a quality assurance certificate from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
"My life-long experience with Florida’s unique challenges has prepared me and my team to deliver quality craftsmanship and durable construction on every job."
      - Rouget Sanchez
Sanchez Arango Safety Department

Sanchez Arango's Safety Department is dedicated to providing employees with a safe work environment, job-specific education, and supervision to minimize accidents in the workplace. Comprehensive "Safety First" initiatives and regular meetings led by a certified Safety Director with 100% compliance with OSHA protect our team in the workplace and at job sites.

This commitment to safety and to accident prevention is good for our clients as well as our workers. Our no-excuses approach to hazard mitigation and our continuous training contribute to an excellent safety record. One benefit of our Safety Effort and Safety Policies is access to more competitive insurance rates, resulting in savings that we pass on to our clients. The work we perform is done with the highest regard to safety and protection of employees--the client’s as well as our own.

Sanchez Arango's Safety Program remains up-to-date with industry standards in the ever-changing work environment, constantly addressing new challenges that develop in the field. Classroom and hands-on training--focused on recognizing, reporting and correcting hazards at job sites--meets and exceeds state and federal regulations. We keep our workforce on the leading edge of safety by constantly reviewing and training our team on federal and state regulations, and on our industry’s best practices. Committed to our Safety Program, employees are the core of Safety Effort, our eyes and ears on the field. All concerns brought in through our employees, clients, insurance carriers, and others are met with a welcoming attitude.

All employees, including new-hires, are trained by a certified Safety Director with 100% compliance with OSHA. Protective personal equipment is supplied, and 100%-Tie-Off program is in effect for employees exposed to fall hazards. Our employees are trained in different disciplines in order to accomplish specific tasks in our company’s workplace. Crane operators are certified and complete continuing education courses to maintain their certifications and the highest level of safety awareness. Our employees are certified to work on scaffolds and they complete required training every year. They are also trained on ladders safety, fire protection safety, first aid and CPR, defensive driving safety, and welding safety, among others. All our crews have been trained and certified to operate the respective equipment they will need in the field, such as cranes, loaders, skid loaders, forklifts, back hoes and excavators. Our comprehensive training program includes classroom sessions as well as hands on experience.

Sanchez Arango is a Drug Free Workplace. In addition to our OSHA Compliance Safety Program, we also have a DOT Compliance Safety Program, which complies with rules of the Federal and State Departments of Transportation. Our drivers are subject to all required regulations. They go through the Drug Testing Program as required, and are held accountable for their Safety Responsibility in this area.

We look forward to serving our clients by protecting our most important asset--our workforce as well as yours. All our safety resources are also available to our clients, so please call Sanchez Arango’s Safety Department with any questions regarding our Safety Program, Safety Effort, Safety Training Program or related topics.