Looking good from the ground up,
Professional experience and hands-on knowledge of the codes and strategies that affect landscaping in Florida make Sanchez Arango a leader in this field.
Municipalities, government agencies, and private businesses of all sizes rely on Sanchez Arango to design, install, and carefully maintain their properties and streetscapes. Clients also include large-scale condominium properties and single family homes.
Sanchez Arango is committed to using Florida-friendly landscaping techniques wherever possible. Practices include conservation-friendly systems for irrigation, careful use of pesticides and fertilizers to minimize run-off, and installation of native and drought-tolerant plants whenever possible.
Comprehensive services for Residential and Commercial properties
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Landscaping design by licensed professionals.
  • Installation of irrigation systems, planting with high-quality materials, and construction of walkways, curbs, signage, lighting, and street furniture.
  • Tree Service by licensed and insured arborists includes planting, trimming, and correctly pruning trees, removing and grinding stumps, and clearing land for residential and commercial properties.
Hurricane preparedness and post-storm clean-up
Before a weather event:
  • Prune branches to minimize storm damage
  • Dismantle or secure sign faces and other components to minimize damage
  • Remove or secure loose items
After a storm:
  • Recover and rebuild structural and other elements
  • Remove debris
  • Salvage and replace landscaping